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Elegant Moissanite Necklace

Elegant Moissanite Necklace

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Unveil the allure of our Moissanite Necklace – a dazzling 8mm 2CT Brilliant Cut Lab Diamond masterpiece that redefines elegance! This pendant necklace, featuring a Double Circle design, is not just jewelry; it's a captivating expression of style and sophistication. Crafted with precision and care, the Lab Diamond pendant boasts a brilliance that rivals natural gemstones. The 18K White Gold and S925 Silver setting add a touch of luxury, making it a versatile accessory for any occasion. Embrace the charm of timeless beauty with this pendant that effortlessly blends fun and professionalism. Whether you're dressing up for a special event or adding a touch of glamour to your everyday look, our Elegant Moissanite Necklace is the epitome of refined style. Elevate your jewelry collection with this fun and professionally crafted piece that captures the essence of brilliance. Make a statement without saying a word – shine on with our stunning pendant necklace!

Material : 100% 925 Sterling Silver + Moissanite
0.5 carat Moissanite size : 5 mm
1 carat Moissanite size : 6.5 mm
2 carat Moissanite size : 8 mm
Color: Silver
Clarity: VVS1
Cut: Excellent
Free Gra certification include : Yes
Package : Necklace box

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